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Endless adventures await in Rome. With two and a half thousand years of history, art and culture, it is no wonder Rome is one of the most visited cities on the planet. Gaze at the masterpieces of the Vatican or walk into the past with visits to ancient relics, historic monuments and legendary museums. Or people-watch whilst sipping on an espresso in a quaint cafe.

 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

From Roman history to the birthplace of Greek mythology, this itinerary is worthy of gods. After a day in the very exclusive and elegant Monte Carlo, Monaco, set sail back to Italian land and explore the city of Naples. The town centre is marked with many narrow pedestrian roads, but for a unique experience off the beaten path, take a stroll down "Via dei Presepi" to find endless artisanal shops dedicated to the traditional Neapolitan handmade nativity scene figurines. In Santorini, local cuisine, wine and unbelievable sights are the order of the day, but if you explore the prehistoric town of Akrotiri, you might just find the inspiration for Plato's Lost City of Atlantis. Volos' beauty, wealth and its long ancient history have left their mark on the city's architecture. Take a daytrip to Pelion, a place of indescribable beauty, where crystal-clear water and white sand beaches are just the beginning. Enjoy a breathtaking view, lush vegetation and an extensive network of hiking trails through mountains where legends say you can still hear the echoing hooves of the majestic centaurs to this day.

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